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Nvidia graphic card problem while booting ElementaryOS/Ubuntu (nomodeset)

I have finally decided to install elementary os, but it didn’t go smooth as it should. All I got was blank screen after I booting up install image from USB or DVD until i found out about this new linux kernel feature - what does nomodeset do.

If you are having same problems with your nvidia card while trying to bootup linux from usb or your hard drive you’ll need to add option ‘nomodeset’ to your booting command line. You can do that while you are at bootup menu screen by hitting ‘TAB’ to edit booting options or if you are in a grub bootloader menu by pressing ‘e’ key. Just add ‘nomodeset’ string to it and you are good to go.

After you are done with installation you’ll need to enter nomodeset again to boot up your linux, then just install nvidia drivers and everything should be in order.

Hello world!

Hi and welcome,

This will be a place where I will try to log my progress of growing as a developer/engineer. I will write mostly about JavaScript, Ruby, HTML5 and CSS3 since those are the technologies that preocupy my daily life the most. Feel free to look around, comment and add your thoughts to my work.